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I believe that making meaningful changes to your lifestyle is an ongoing process.  With your commitment, I will be your guide from inception through to independently incorporating changes into your daily life that help you to meet your ever-changing goals.


Your personalised program will be built together with you focusing on your defined goals and will be composed of a combination of the following services:

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You are ready to make a change and are looking for some guidance. 

  • 45-minute session 

  • Discover my philosophy of health and wellness

  • Visit my private studio

Initial Assessment_0.2x.png

Initial Assessment

  • Health screening and lifestyle consultation 

  • Fitness level screening
  • Establish personal goals with trackers suited to desired lifestyle 
Status Check_0.2x.png

Status Check

Update health and fitness assessment 

Core Program_0.2x.png

Core Program

One-hour sessions of combined lifestyle guidance and fitness training sessions tailored to your personal level and goals.

Goal Reset_0.2x.png

Goal Reset

 Monitor personal goal status

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