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My philosophy for wellness is based on the premise that you should never underestimate the effect of change.  One seemingly insignificant action can put you on the path to realising your dreams.


Whatever your age, level of fitness or state of health, a program will be tailored to help you meet your unique lifestyle goals.  The program will focus on three pillars:


Developing healthy habits

We will analyse existing routines and habits and find ways to modify and enhance your lifestyle:

  • Review and implement guidelines for healthy eating habits focusing on whole, nutrient rich foods.

  • By introducing daily exercise and by modifying our evening routines, we can experience longer periods of profound sleep.


Natural movement

We will find different ways to stay physically active focusing on functional fitness to develop strength and resistance in everyday activities.  I will introduce you to current techniques and exercise that will rouse your interest and awaken under used muscles making you aware of the importance of the changes you are making.



We will seek to be mindful in each moment allowing us to focus on the present.



Together we will work through the most effective methods to create positive change by enabling a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • learn to move better, feel better.  Experience an increase in energy.

  • foster habits that free up your time to spend with family and friends

  • develop approaches to manage stress levels 


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